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Shannon (Virginia) "We absolutely love 'Sarah' - you really out did yourself! Thanks again and will see you soon for Rachel."
Loran (Florida) "Thank you so much for the incredible painting of Rowan and Linden. It just comes to life on its own! I have it above the fireplace, where I can see it all day, and I love to gaze at it while the girls are at school. Their spirit is always here with me."
Nancy (Tennessee) "It felt like Christmas in September. I could not wait to open the huge box. Ben helped me unpack and I can't describe the excitement. We love them both. David and I thank you for your beautiful works of art. They will be treasured."
Kim (Illinois) "Dear Janie, the portrait of Douglas is too beautiful for words. You captured him to the 'T'."
Amy (Maryland) "Jane, I am so thrilled with the portrait of Katie and Will. My husband was pleasantly surprised. He loves it too! He's been showing it off to everyone! Thank you so much and Happy New Year."
Alissa (Texas) "Dear Jane, the paintings are so beautiful and moving! Thank you for finishing them so quickly! I hung them up immediately and I cannot take my eyes off of them! You are awesome! Take care."

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